How to know the number of FTF you have made ?
It is generally a tough nut to crack for most of the geocachers. The FTF race is generally a special instant where you can meet other geocachers, with adrenalin, a kind of game inside the game. You can be a geofinder or a geohider, here is the tool you need to manage your FTF and those done on your geocaches !


Beta test opened !
Beta test opened ! Enjoy our new tool and please give me your feedback (in the Support section) !
Regional top list
Geocache Companion is now able to create a top list depending on the region you are localized in the world. A very good tool to do the competitions with you neighbors !
New server
The new server is now live. I still have to proceed to some adjustments before making it public but we are very close the launch of Geocache Companion version 3 !
Geocache Companion 3 beta
The new Geocache Companion version is now in beta ! I have restarted the project from scratch to give you a better experience and build the bases to be able to propose more features in the future. First of all, the goal was to give you the same possibilities than before in an application more modern and without the bugs we had before. I hope you will appreciate this new project and take the benefit of my efforts. Enjoy !
33 registered users.
4929 FTFs.
1156 STFs.

Top 5

2 Juzé 743 FTF 31 STF
3 CaliceMinou 740 FTF 30 STF
4 Nathalain 461 FTF 0 STF
5 kevdesvin 295 FTF 60 STF

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